obstetric and Aesthetic gynecology

With over 20 years of experience with Dr. Sawsan Merhej, Obstetrics and gynecology consultant, Dona Medical Clinic in Jumeirah 1, Dubai offers a range of high standards and safe obstetric and gynecological aesthetic treatments, with fast and tangible results using the most advanced techniques.

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Dr. Sawsan Merhej Dona Medical Clinic


100% safe, painless

Aesthetic Gynecology

Lightening, peeling and whitening of intimate area

Bikini area, and intimate areas are whitened and removing pigmentation.

Vagina Tightening

vagina tightening using latest technologies.

Filler for private area

Remove wrinkles and loose skin and give young appearance.

Bikini Area Plasma

Bikini whitening and rejuvenation


Plasma and fillers, treatment of lack of desire, and dry vagina.

Labia plasti

Decrease labial size

Other Treatments

Obstetric and Gynecology

Routine Gynecology checkup

It is advisable routine tests for early detection of Gynecology diseases

Fertility treatment

Treatment of fertility after consultation with the doctor

Antenatal care

It consists of regular visits for pregnant ladies to the obstetric clinic till the end of pregnancy.

Recurrent pregnancy loss treatment

Treatment after consultation and diagnosis

Family planning

Especially after delivery

Polycystic ovarian treatment

Urine stress incontinence treatment after delivery

One of the common problems that might arise after delivery which can be treated

Other Treatments

Installment available

Dona Medical Clinic
Dona Medical Clinic
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